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GIFI 2023 | A salutation to the unsung heroes of General Insurance Industry

Are you in it, to win it” – That’s the fundamental question that I am going to ask reaching out to every general insurance advisor in this country. 

Why would I go about doing that?  Answer is simple: General Insurance Festival of India Awards 2023 is here; for the very first time and is the largest stage honouring the well-deserved outperforming insurance advisors in the country.

Over 16 lacs of health & general insurance advisors have been silently making a difference to the society by safeguarding the health & valuable possessions of millions of customers. Our Advisors are the torchbearers & backbone of the industry. Their valuable contribution & valiant efforts have helped us take our insurance solutions to every nook & corner of the country.  

However, a solid platform to acknowledge, appreciate & applaud the undying efforts of our advisors always seemed to lack.

That’s the exact reason why GIFI is born.

General Insurance Festival of India 2023 is the identity that all of us unite and celebrate as the largest ever and the most rewarding experience in the general insurance industry.

Receiving recognition for your work is definitely a delightful experience. In the ever evolving insurance industry in which I have seasoned, it’s particularly heart-warming  to have such an initiative which honours this noble profession.

This is the largest platform to celebrate & salute the efforts and passion of our insurance advisors.

Such accolades hold more significance than mere praise, as they can establish and reassure the top vintage advisors that they are on the right track, instilling confidence in them to achieve further more milestones and be an inspiration to the younger lot.

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd. – a pioneer in several industry initiatives has yet again set the industry benchmark by launching GIFI 2023 where 5000+ insurance experts, advisors & employees will be gathering under one roof.

I personally urge & invite all the general insurance advisors in the country, irrespective of whichever the company they work for, to come forward and enrol themselves for the jury evaluation and stand for the rightful chance to win their frame of fame moment in this occasion. 

The stage is calling its righteous vanquishers.

5 major categories to apply –

·        Best Motor Insurance Advisor of India

·        Best Health Insurance Advisor of India

·        Best Property Insurance Advisor of India

·        Best Multiline Insurance Advisor of India

·        Best Woman Insurance Advisor of India

Simply go ahead, click through the link (, & fill out the details that are required.

Rest assured, everyone will be put through a fair and impartial evaluation process. 

Details : Last Date to Nominate : 23rd June’23. Winners would be announced on 3rd July’23 at the Festival in Pune.

Looking forward to crown the best & most well deserved general insurance advisors of the country.

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