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Engine Protection Cover in Car Insurance – Benefits

By Aditya Sharma

The engine of the car is the most significant part of the vehicle; it won’t be an overstatement to say that an engine is the backbone of a car.  Given the importance of the engine, it is only natural that one wants to ensure the safety of their engine. The insurance industry understands this need, and offers an add-on cover in motor insurance that specifically covers the engine called ‘Engine protection cover.’

What is engine protection cover? Engine protection is an add-on cover that one can buy along with the comprehensive motor insurance policy. The cover shields the insured against the financial losses that may arise if the engine suffers any damage. It will help you safeguard your engine against unfortunate events like damage arising from the hydrostatic lock, damage due to oil leakage, and water ingression. Furthermore, it also covers the cost of repairing or replacing an engine or its parts like crankshafts, cylinder head, connecting rod, and piston amongst others.

Important things to keep in mind: The engine protection cover can be purchased only if you have a comprehensive motor insurance policy, in case you hold only third-party insurance then you are not eligible to buy this add-on. Typically, insurers offer this add-on for cars not older than 10 years, however, this may vary from insurer to insurer. Engine protection is an additional feature, and comes at some extra cost, however, this cost is substantially low when compared with the risk that it covers.

Who should buy engine protection cover? It is recommended that everyone should have this add-on to ensure the protection of the most valuable component of your vehicle. However, if one resides in a flood-prone area or frequently commutes to a flood-prone area then this cover is a must-have. During floods, the engine becomes highly susceptible to risks like water clogging, which leads to water dribbling inside the engine block. This might cause a hydrostatic lock if someone tries to turn the car on. If you have bought a new car, it is prudent to take this add-on to bolster your motor insurance coverage.

Now, that you understand the importance and benefits of engine protection I urge you to evaluate your requirements and opt for this super useful add-on if you deem fit.

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